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MG MGA - differential oil leak rear hubs

Hi, just refilled the diff to base of hole. Quick run and i've got oil dripping from the drain holes on the diff side of the hubs. Dropped the oil level a good 1 cm and oil still drips out on one side now. Any thoughts much appreciated
P L Turner

Hub seals:
Barney Gaylord

Thanks Barney, this seems to describe a situation where oil leaks into the brake drums. I just have oil appearing from the inboard side. Isn't the drain hole on the diff side of the seal here?
P L Turner

Just to answer my own question - I now understand that the drain is to let oil out, that has passed the failed seal, and prevents oil getting to the brakes - new seals the answer!!
P L Turner

While you are getting the kit together to do the job, add replacement paper gaskets and "O" rings too. Disturbing those when you pull the half-shafts usually results in leaks into the brake drum. That can be an expensive issue as the shoes are normally soaked in oil as a result. In fact, I would remove the shoes before pulling the half shafts as some oil comes out with the shaft.
Graeme Williams


Also, while replacing the seals, O-rings and gaskets, clean the breather at the top of the banjo. If plugged up, pressure builds up and oil leaks out faster.

When ordering those above parts, don't forget to get two axle hub nut lock washers. If you don't order them, you will need them. I've just had that experience.

JR Alexander

.... and then there may be the issue of the socket to fit the 8 sided nut!
Graeme Williams

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