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MG MGA - Differntial Cover Torque Spec

I have looked in several shop manuals for the proper torque for the (10) nuts that hold the dfferential to the Axle Case.....anybody know what it is...? This is a Banjo axle.
Thomas Koch

The short answer is, grab a standard end wrench and give it a good pull.

"IF" these were factory grade "strong" studs (equal to modern grade 5), similar to water pump bolts, manifold studs, rocker pedestal studs, clutch cover bolts, then the answer would be 25 lb-ft torque.

However, these are cold headed special studs with not very high structural load. As I recall, they have a round head with one flat side to prevent rotation, and the shank immediately under the head is a tight fit in the hole to keep it in place once installed. BMC part number 2A7226. They might be lower grade studs, like on the engine mounts, meriting lower torque spec, perhaps 19 lb-ft torque.

A clue lies in the fact that there are no torque specs published in the Workshop Manual for these fasteners. That usually means the application is not torque critical. So you grab an standard length end wrench (about 6-inches long for 1/2-inch wrench size) and give it a moderate to strong one-handed pull, and you're done. That translates to about 15-20 lb-ft torque.

If you are using a 3/8-inch drive ratchet handle that may be 8-inches long using two hands, go a little easier so you don't over do it. I have tightened these particular fasteners many times, and I never had any notion that I would ever strip the threads or break the studs. They seen to be pretty nice studs with good strength.

If you might break or strip one, they are available for a couple dollars each, but you have to pull the half shafts and remove the carrier from the axle housing to replace a stud. Also I would prefer to keep the original studs, as I don't trust any new replacement studs these days (until I test one before installation).
Barney Gaylord

Thomas, "tight enough not to come undone" is the criterion.
Art Pearse

Thanks Barney..... I could not find it anywhere and decided 45lbs for some I snugged them all down and the first one I put the torque wrench to popped at about 40lbs. I was lucky enough to have two other axle cases and was able to salvage one for my project....and I popped out and bagged up the rest so if your in need I have 19 extras available. They do all look hardened steel. None have a flat side on the heads however they all have a sareated shank to keep them from spinning....I set them all at 20lbs and they seem happy...........Tom
Thomas Koch

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