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MG MGA - dikie seat
look at the above address and scroll down to the dikie seat ive never seen one before, anyone else?
sorry i couldnt add it as a link ime not that good on the computer
V Rafter

oh it seems i have sorry
V Rafter

A pair of brave girls there (they don't make them like that anymore!) but how did they get in? There's no room in the boot for a step ladder. mike
m.j. moore

Why not a proper four seater?


M F Anderson

According to the DVLA website RSF 456 still exists and is currently taxed and on the road. It has a 1622 engine and its colour is purple. Don't know if it still has the dickey seat though. Where did the passenger's legs go?

Malcolm Asquith

Kind of what they did with the Lime Rock twin cam. With a camera man in the back.

Mark Hester

Hello VR:

Here you go; step is at the left hand end of the bumper.


A. W. Risk

And here's how to use it -

A. W. Risk

I have long admired this seat, but I had not, until now, paid attention to the fact that it is a coupe - perfect for all weather!
Neil McGurk

Neil, are you sure it's a Coupe? The seal on the bottom edge makes me think it's a Vanden Plas hardtop. Could be wrong though.

L Wheeler


It's a well-known car and it's a Coupe. Post your email address and I'll send you a scan of a photo printed from one of the original glass negatives taken by the newspaper which first featured the car in (if I remember correctly) 1958.

A. W. Risk

Alex, I think that Lady is showing a bit too much ankle for a good clean web site like this, if she hadn't been wearing her gloves I think I would have had to call the police!
Lindsay Sampford


You shouldn't be putting such thoughts into anyone's head at this time of night! And to think I thought the gloves were something to do with a tyre change!

A. W. Risk

I've just finished converting my twin cam coupe (1035) boot back to original from a rear-hinged system, presumably for a dickie seat. If anyone has info on this car I would be interested to hear - it was originally Californian registered Orient Red and later metallic blue.

Thanks, Mark
M Wellard

Alex, -- The two photos you have posted are delightful. I have a couple other photos on my web site that are not so great, garnered from magazine articles or ads with rather low resolution screen prints. See here:
If you have any other pictures in better quality I would surely like to post them on my Accessories web page. See hot link for my email.
Barney Gaylord

There was an MGA in Santa Rosa, California that had a Dikie seat. I thought the guy had done the conversion himself. Now I take back all those critical things I said about him. This was in the early 70's. The last I saw of the car it was parked in a storage yard south of Santa Rosa near highway 116. You could see it off the freeway southbound. At that time it was painted alamo beige. What a colour! Last seen in the late 80's early 90's. If I remember right it also had an odd collection of aftermarket lights in various places on the fenders...?
David Holmes

Thanks David, I that's not my car - it may have been a home-made conversion but it was never alamo beige and doesn't have any unusual lights. My car may have belonged to someone in the navy as it had a sign in the door advertising it for sale with a Yokosuka base phone number.
M Wellard

My MGA was originally purchased by my father-in-law. Shortly after purchasing it, he wrote a letter to John Gibson & Son in Edinburgh regarding the dickey seat. The reply is actually quite detailed, describing just what was involved in the "conversion". I thought you might find this interesting.

-Steve Trovato

Steve Trovato

And page 2.

Steve Trovato


That is absolutely delightful, thank you for sharing with us!
Neil McGurk

You're welcome, Neil. It's also interesting to see how our expectations of business letters have changed with word processing. It was not unusual to have some corrections. One would have to understand the manual typewriter to know how the fraction at the end of the date happened. There was a a "1/4 1/2" key. That was great, of course, as long as those were the only two fractions you ever needed. And having the characters come out darker if the keys were pressed harder made for a sort of a buit in stress detector.
Steve Trovato

Hi all, great to read all the comment. Just to let you know that RSF 456 is still very much alive and well, although she has changed a bit over the years.Info i have does not start until 1987, i have pics of a gold coloured coupe racing at Silverstone, owned by a Mr Keith Mcleod of Edinburgh, i am told this is the car, although the reg number cannot be seen. I have a tech write up which i assume is by Keith listing all the mods to the engine, brakes and fuel tank etc in order to meet racing regs, he fitted a smaller fuel tank and moved the filler in to the boot, so i would guess that if the dickie seat was there, he would have had to take it out in order to do the work.My next pics of the car are in May 88 now owned by Terry Bryant in Northamptonshire, it is now dark blue and the reg number RSF 456^ , Terry raced the car in car club event for a couple of years before selling it to a Roger Thacker, he it seems had the car completely stripped and race prepared and i have pics in 1990 in a dark purple colour and the top has been removed !!!! yes they did this sort of thing then? Roger raced the car with great success in MGCC events through to 1998 when after a front end shunt he laid it up and stopped racing. In 2000 i bought the car, completely re-built it and it has been used for racing in MGCC and other championships since, i have kept it looking as an MGA should,but it is now considerably modified mechanically. During the cars stay with Roger Thacker i know it had a least 2 serious race accidents and needed major repair work so finding any parts/fixings of the orig Dickie seat wont be easy, but i intend to start investigations straight away. If there is enough information out there it may even be that when RSF and i retire from racing a suitable coupe top can be found and i will have a try at taking her back to 1958 looks and style.
The pic is RSF 456 at MGCC race meeting Silverstone in 2007

B.J. Ireland


I'm not sure, but I think I got the pictures on my website from you many years ago. But I sure would like to have some better ones, if that's possible. SEAT

Rutger Booy

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