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I'm in need of a good MG engine specialist who can help sort out a couple of issues. I've had a bad experience recently with one mechanic who has proven to be less than capable and forthcoming, and am hoping that readers of this site can make some recommendations of qualified individuals in the northern Fairfield County (Danbury) or Litchfield County areas in CT. Please feel free
to contact me directly via my e-mail address
< > if you prefer to keep the communication private. I appreciate any guidance which can be provided.//nk
Nick Kopernik

What problems are you having? We may be able to schedule a club tech. session and help you out.
David Werblow

Lifters & valves were shot so the head was rebuilt and a new street cam was installed. I was told that compression was good so no need for rings at the time. Now I find that I get a backfire on downshifts and sometimes when cruising along. Also, seems I'm burning oil like never before, fair amount of blue smoke right after starting and then diminishing once engines goes above 170 degrees. Mostly you see the smoke at cold start-up and then when taking off after idling (like at a light). This was the only real engine work needed over the last 33 years, so the time had come, but the results were not what was expected. Other than the backfiring and oil issue, car runs very strong and its a joy to drive.
Nick Kopernik

You could contact the Connecticut MG Club, a NAMGAR Chapter Club on Club web site is
P. Tilbury

A puff of blue smoke when starting up after idling, or when shifting, is a sign of oil sneaking down the valve guides. Try installing umbrella seals on the guides, especially for the intake valves.
Barney Gaylord

Appreciate the responses; have reached out to the local MG club for an assist here.
Nick Kopernik

Yep. You may have a slightly larger clearance than stock if you have new bronze valve guides. The larger clearance in guides may cause more oil consumption than you are used to. If you have the original type seals installed, new umbrella seals that Barney recommended should help a lot.
Chuck Schaefer

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