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MG MGA - Dip switch headlight flasher modification

Has anyone tried the modification using the VW relay DNI 0127 (described in article 113A) on a positive earth early car ?

Back in the sixties there was a readily available extension cable for the foot switch which moved it to the dash but that is no longer around - the addition of a headlight flash capability seems like a good idea and a step improvement.

Roger W

Where is this article 113A to be found?
dominic clancy

Roger. I fitted one of these recently. It works perfectly. I strapped the relay to the dip switch mount and mounted the switch near the indicator light. All very straight forward but I did remove the steering wheel and seat squab to get easier access under the dashboard. (1957 +ive earth MGA)
David Marklew

Dominic. It's MGA Guru article 113A which describes a VW special relay and "flash/dip" switch arrangement to bypass the conventional, awkward foot dip switch. Works a treat and so much easier to drive at night. But mine was a negative earth application.
Also, thanks for the email.
Bruce Mayo

David/Bruce - thank you both for your response. I shall follow your example. Dominic - sorry; MGA Guru is remarkably helpful and I assumed everyone kept an eye on on them.
I am a migrant from the V8 and 1800MGB BBS and I am still learning the ropes.
Thanks again
Roger W


After reading about this on MGA Guru, I fitted the combined headlamp flasher/dip relay a couple of years ago and it works just great. It is so much easier to dip the lights with the touch of a finger instead of always getting my size 12 shoe jammed between the clutch pedal and the transmission tunnel. The headlight flasher function is really useful too.
I removed the original switch and this has now given me much more space to rest my left foot which is much more comfortable on long journeys.

I wrote up the process for Safety Fast last year and and it is still in the technical advice section of the MGCCs MGA Register which you can see online.

The relay will work fine in either positive or negative earth set-up.

If you need a copy of the article I can send it to you, plus the wiring diagram sketch I used and pictures of the installation.

c firth

Colyn - I read your article as was grateful for the advice. We did something like this 50 year ago - I think it was my twincam although it might have been one of the first Bs - one does need to put the left foot somewhere comfortable !
R (formerly North Riding)
Roger W

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