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MG MGA - Dipper switch

My big foot keeps getting stuck between the clutch pedal and the dipper switch. What kind of toggle switch do I need to replace it? It has 3 wires on the back of the dipper switch. Heavy duty ? Thanks Bill
Bill Mason

Single pole, double throw, 15 amps no center off. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois


why not fit the relay that only needs a single flash to pass switch (low amperage) that Barney designed which he describes in mgaguru?

The relay acts as a flash to pass switch when the lights are switched off.

But once you switch on the headlights, one touch of the same switch then alternates the headlights between main or dipped beam.

It is brilliant and one of the best and easiest modifications that I have ever done on the car.

Its listed under "Flash to pass and headlight dipper", article AT-113A

Colyn Firth

Colin, Bill is in Ontario, and we drive with headlights on all the time. (At least, we should!)

Art Pearse

Hi Bill
I had that problem which was quite scary when my foot got trapped. I then found I can operate the dipper quite easily with the heel of my foot rather than the toe, and it works much better. Of course mine might be fitted differently to yours (dip switch not foot!) but hope it helps you
g Victors

You are most likely referring to a 1500. The dimmer button on the 1600 is mounted on the frame and isn't the bear-trap that the ones on the TF and the MGA 1500 is. It's easy to move it.
David Werblow


I am thinking of fitting the relay you mentioned for the dipper switch. I already have the special relay, and I will be following Barney's fitting instructions on his site. I was also thinking of fitting relays in the headlights circuit to enhance the headlamps brightness. If I just install the special dipper relay, would this relay also be effective on the headlights to become brighter. Would there be any need for the normal relays for the headlights?

F Camilleri

I would really recommend the special flasher-dip switch relay, it works a treat.
If you have a smaller steering wheel than standard I would also recommend that you move the indicator light to above the centre of the dashboard so that the new dip switch can go into hole where the indicator light was. From there it is in easy fingertip range from the steering wheel. (not sure if it would be as good there with a standard steering wheel)
I put the rheostat under the dashboard but in easy reach.
There are some photos of my layout in Barney's website.

Before you go as far as fitting relays to improve the headlights, why not remove one of your headlamps and run some really heavy wires to it from the battery.

You will then be able to see if the headlight with the thicker wires is noticeably brighter than the other one still on the car.

c firth

Thanks Colyn, I shall go for the dipper switch relay as per your input. I'm not so keen to move the indicator warning light from its original position, nor the rheostat. I also have the original steering wheel installed on the car which, as you say, might get in the way of the bat switch. I shall fabricate a small bracket which will be screwed on the bottom end of the dash. Is it too difficult to remove the wires from the original dipper switch, since this switch is mounted way back under the dash near the pedals? My worries are that the operation of disconnecting the original wires to connect to the special relay, might prove a little PITA for me. I suffer from severe back pain which restricts my ability to maneuver under the dash, or anything else.

F Camilleri

when you disconnect the three wires from the dipswitch you can then re route the loom upwards, it is long enough to reach.

I mounted the relay onto the dashboard brace using a strong double sided adhesive pad but you could buy a relay socket that would screw straight onto the brace or the bulkhead. So you dont realy have to fabricate any brackets.

I will try to upload some pictures of my installation if I can reduce the resolution enough to get this website to accept them.


c firth

Here's the second image that shows the route of the loom once you have disconnected it from the dip switch.
I removed the dip switch to give my size 12 12 foot more space.

I forgot to say that I found it easier to work under the dash board if I made up a platform of empty beer crates outside the car to lie on. A few odd cushions on the beer crates and a few more in the car footwell make the process much more comfortable.
(You can start with full beer crates but I find that somehow they always end up empty!


c firth

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