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MG MGA - Dipstick Length

For any of you who look at the other MGA forum (Colyn does) there is an interesting thread where one owner shorted out his number 3 plug through his dipstick. It turns out that his dipstick is some 21 inches long and protrudes well above the spark plug. My 1500 dipstick (using it in my 1800 with no problem) is 18.25 inches long and sits about an inch below the business end of the plug.

I would be interested to know what length dipsticks others have. My opinion at this stage is that the 21 inch dipstick is not for an MGA. All info most welcome.

Steve Gyles

Hi Steve this was the one in my long departed A it was an MGB engine

G C Pugh

I am using a dipstick from my '57 MGA in my '72 18V engine. It measures 11 inches from metal stop to bottom. Image appears to be too large to load.
Bayard DeNoie

My wife thinks this thread is too much like something Anthony Weiner might post but the total length of my dipstick is 21".
Bayard DeNoie

On my Mk2, the dipstick measures 21.5 inches. But it does have a bend which keeps it away from the top of the plugs.
Graham V

Bayard, look at it this way... At least having had the, er, "guts" to send what he did, nobody can accuse Anthony of being something Trump might grab.

D Rawlins

Interesting. Looks as if later cars may indeed have the longer stick. Seems madness to me. They build in a potential electrical shorting out on the number 3 plug by extending the stick length, then bend it to get round the problem. What was wrong in the first place with the shorter stick that was about 1 inch below the plug terminal?

Steve Gyles

The design of the dipstick may have been changed due to some issue on one of the other cars the B series engines were installed in. If that's the case, it would definitely seem to have been done for no good reason that an MG owner could discern.

D Rawlins

Sorry about the delay in joining this thread Steve.
Mostly due to it being Christmas and the effects of a steady consumption of mulled wine, the temptation to say something slightly rude and euphamistic about the title has been far too strong😁!

I am away from home for a couple of days and so as soon as I get home I will pop out and measure mine for you in the privacy of my own garage and let you know! 😁


Colyn Firth

Ha Ha Ha
Not sure what size mine is, haven't had the need to compare it to others
I can move it about easily with one hand and standing next to the car I would say it's above the spark plugs, as it sits

William Revit

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