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MG MGA - Dipstick Min Max

I have a 1959 1500. When the dipstick shows "min" how much oil do I add to bring it to "max"? I searched the archives and could not find the answer.
david kirkpatrick

I just fill with 8 pints of oil (imperial) or 9.6 US pints as listed in the wsm.
(You need to add a little more if you have an oil cooler fitted)

I just use the full mark as a gauge to top up to in between oil changes as it seems to coincide closely enough with the 8 pints level.

c firth

There were two different dipsticks.
See here:
And here:

After raising the MIN mark, difference between Max and Min is considerably less than one quart (about 2/3-qt-US I think).

I usually reckon about one imperial pint from MIN to MAX on the dipstick with the high MIN mark. If you have the earlier low MIN stick, it will be quite a bit more, maybe double. Look at Barney's links above.
Lindsay Sampford

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