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MG MGA - Disc Brake Conversion Hose Routing Problem

Completed the disc brake conversion today. Looks nice aesthetically but I think I have a serious house routing issue. Maybe I did something wrong as I tend to do when working in 100 degree heat!

The hoses are long enough but are bent at extreme and maybe dangerous angles when fully retracted. At full extension everything is fine.

Any ideas or suggestions? I'll post pics in just a moment.
Tommy Baker

Pic 1

Tommy Baker

Pic 2

Tommy Baker

Pic 3

Tommy Baker

Tommy, Have you got the correct hoses because the one in your pictures seems too long to me.

I've just measured one of mine and it's got 11" of flexible section....................Mike
Mike Moore

Just noticed another difference with mine in that my copper brake line hits the bracket junction at the bottom and the flexible hose is at the top. This might not make much of a difference though........Mike
Mike Moore


The anchor points for the flexible hoses on the chassis are in a different position for disc brakes compared to drum braked cars. Owners often resite them. I didn't. But my hoses look nothing like yours with those bends.

Steve Gyles

You need to switch the orientation of the flex hoses 180 degrees so that the hard line is at the bottom of the bracket and the flex hose at the top. That will solve all your problems.

Do you also have the hose brackets that bolt to the caliper mounting and prevent the banjo from rotating under the banjo bolt?
dominic clancy

Thank you all. I think swapping the orientation of the lines is the next step. I'm worried I will destroy the line trying to essentially re-bend it. I'm not against cutting it, but I don't have a flaring tool. Gently bending with a tubing bender?

Dominic, no, I don't have the brackets but I suppose I can order some and just add them?
Tommy Baker

Looking at pic 1, the hose seems to screw directly into the caliper, without a banjo bolt.
Dave O'Neill 2

As usual, Barney has some great shots of all the fittings and lines on his site.
Gary Lock

Of course I always consult Barney's site....almost daily. There is a clear pic of the MGB caliper mounted to the A just like mine. The hose I have is the right length, but maybe since it is aftermarket??
Tommy Baker

The hard line in the picture looks like it will bend to the opposite side no problem. I think that will fix the issue you have. The brackets Dominic referred to are not used on the MGB calipers AFAIK.
Neil MG

Hard lines re-routed 180 degrees and everything seems to be much, much better and I don't think a pinched line will be an issue. I'll get a pic up soon.
Tommy Baker

Re-routed lines.

Tommy Baker

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