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MG MGA - Disc Brakes

Can someone post a photo or two of correctly set up MGA 1600 front disc brakes? I'm installing a set and want to make sure everything is as it should be. Thanks!
Steve Simmons


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H Speer

Thank you Henry!

I have a couple more questions for the group... I'm putting 1600 disc brakes on a 1500 car. The brake hose mount on the cross member is higher than on the 1600 and the hole is larger. Has anyone come up with a way to overcome this without welding on a new tab?

Also, the pipe has a female nut instead of male. I suppose there is no way around this with a different hose?

Last question, the banjo that holds the hose fitting to the caliper - is the bolt grooved? The banjo fitting on the hose does not have a groove around the inner circumference of the "circle" like other brake banjos I'm used to seeing, so I assume the groove is supposed to be in the bolt instead? I hope I explained that clearly!
Steve Simmons

I used B calipers on my conversion and didn't have to change the tab at all, in fact the 1500 brake hoses fit perfect (no banjo joint of course).

B Suelzle

This thread was discussed on 08/11/2009

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