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MG MGA - Disc. Brakes purchase from England

I just purchased two front wheel Disc. brakes from a fellow in England and forgot about the shipping distance to Oshkosh, Wisconsin in the USA. He tells me its 110.00 GBP for shipping vs the 75 GBP for the Disc. I'm trying to put on my 1956 MGA. I'm just sick. Is anyone coming to the USA for any reason ? Maybe to attend the GT34 in Hot Springs,Ar.? or just coming over here to visit someone and wouldn't mind bringing them with them? My home e-mail is Thank you for your consideration. Tom
Tom Peotter


I recently had a fuel pump (1.5kg) shipped from England at a cost of 15 GBP. That was via express mail and arrived in three days. The 110GBP seems out of line to me.

Jim Ferguson


yes, shipping from the UK is horrendous - I've sold some bits on Ebay and guys in the states usually don't bid when they find out about shiiping costs - they thoght I was joking!

You could try and ask the guy to go to:

they usually give a list of couriers and it is usually cheaper than going direct to the courier (don't know why, but it is). Unfortunately I don't know of any reasonable surface shipping routes, which wold surely be cheaper.

Good luck,

Grant :-)
G Hudson

Try asking him to use this lot
dominic clancy

I used to have things shipped via Air Mail from the UK, including brake drums. Cost was reasonable. Any of the shipping company's like UPS etc. were expensive. I made that mistake once and a cam and lifters were $100 shipping in 1992.
J Heisenfeldt

It is possible to arrange yourself for a UK courier to collect an item and deliver it to your own address. I recommend you try the UK website - and put 'parcels' in the search box. There is also a forum there and you can find useful tips. These cheaper outfits operate by buying a large chunk of 'slots' from the big guys like DHL and can give you a price two or three times less. However, they are sometimes here today gone tomorrow enterprises- I used one of them for a 10 kg shipment to the US a few months ago(it cost me 35) but they no longer exist now. You will need the weight of the item and the size of the box (LxWxH) for most UK couriers and the penalties for understating the weight are high. Mike
m.j. moore

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