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MG MGA - Disc pads

What are the pads with the most "bite"? I have Moss pads which are very hard, with bits of copper embedded. New calipers and m/c.
It stops OK, but with what seems a lot of foot. Maybe I'm too used to power brakes. I'd like to try some softer pads.

I fitted a set of Mintex to my MGA last year in preparation for an expedition to traverse the Pyrenees.
They were excellent and a big improvement on the Greenstuff pads that I had on before.

They had a lot more "bite than the Greenstuff ones which fell a bit dead in comparison.
They also feel much more progressive, in that the braking effect seems to increase even though you are not pressing the pedal any harder.

This is the link to the post I put on the forum last year

If you cut and paste it into your search box it should work ok.

You do need to fit anti-squeal shims to the back of the metal plate on the Mintex M1144 pads as they are inclined to squeal a lot otherwise.

I got mine from Bob West here in the UK.

c firth

Thanks Colyn. Just what I need by the sounds of it.
I don't know what mine are, just that I got them through Moss.

green stuff are basically only decent street pads. You can't get the Lockheed pads in Red Stuff. If you want to get something really good, go to

and pick up some R4-S pads.
Bill Spohn

Bill, they don't list MGA.
Is Bob West the only supplier of Mintex 1144?

Colyn, I swallowed hard and ordered Mintex from Bob West. Hope they are worth it!

Im sure you will be happy with the pads Art, my brakes have never been as good as they are now.

The greenstuff pads were only part worn when I took them off and although I have kept them as spares, they will not go back on the car if I can help it.

I may look into getting some Porterfield R4-S pads when these wear out but I am happy enough for now.
(Dont forget to fit some anti-squeal shims when you fit the pads.
c firth

Interestingly for me I have been suffering a lot of brake squeal recently. That is until yesterday when I cleaned that forward hole in the MC (other thread). Now, no squeal at all. I wonder if some of you others are suffering the same slow brake pressure release, resulting in hot brakes and perhaps glazing on the pad face?

Steve Gyles

"Bill, they don't list MGA."

Sure they do.
Not cheap at $119 though.
Bill Spohn

Of course if you value progressive braking perhaps you should change to drums as they are regarded as better in this area at least. A tongue in cheek suggestion!!!

Paul Dean

Installed the Mintex pads from Bob West.
Great improvement in feel!
Thanks for the tip Colyn.
Art Pearse

No problem Art, glad that you have found them as good as I did, I found them a really big improvement over the Greenstuff ones.

Opinions on things like brake pads can be fairly subjective but in this case, because I had switched between two known types of pad materials I was able to describe the difference.

I was slightly worried though that your old pads may have already been Mintex or a similar, in which case you would have found no improvement at all!

Would have hated to ruin the "Anglo-Canadian" relationship! :-)



c firth

"Of course if you value progressive braking perhaps you should change to drums as they are regarded as better in this area at least. A tongue in cheek suggestion!!!"

Although tongue in cheek, there is a certain amount of truth to that. My deluxe coupe and my race car both have 4 wheel discs and therefor marginal hand brake efficacy. When I built the Jamaican, I intentionally left the drum rear so I'd be able to park it with some confidence that it would still be in the same place when I came back to it!

Art, I use Mintex on my street coupe and they are fine.
Bill Spohn

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