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MG MGA - Distance Between Clutch and Brake Pedals

In my Thread on Braking Issues I noticed that the two push rods into the master cylinder were not parallel (RHD set-up).

I have just inspected my assembly to ascertain the reason and can see no room for adjustment. The pedals are a tight but comfortable fit in the bracket with the correct spacer washer between the two pedals. The distance between the pedal centre lines where the push rod yokes fit is 24.5mm whereas the distance between centres in the MC is 28.5mm.

Is this the same with other cars out there? Or is this an issue with the RHD clutch pedal I purchased during the conversion to RHD back in 1996? Can someone with a RHD car measure the distance between pedals for me? - thanks.

Steve Gyles

Steve, Just looked at mine. Appear to be parallel and approx. 28mm between centres at both ends (using non-tech tape measure). Also both rods appear same length. Shane

I think I may have solved it, I should have spoken with Bob West before posting! It seems the centre washer between the two pedals is much thicker than the one I have in place. How that happened is anyone's guess. You buy a pack of parts with the assembly that includes the bushes, spacers and washer and put it all together. Wrong washer supplied? He is sending me the correct one. See how I get on. I will report back.

Steve Gyles

This thread was discussed on 22/04/2014

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