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MG MGA - Distributor Placement/Position

Greetings to all!

I'm installing a new points distributor on the 1600. I've set the new one back in just as the old one came out. However, now the knurled adjustment on the vaccum advnce rests on the starter and I can't turn it and I suspect one I put the screws onto the block, even with the adjustment collar slackened, I won't be able to rotate the distributor and set the timing? Does anyone have a photo of the correct position that the vaccum advance is supposed to be? The manual shows two different locations. Thanks!

Robert Maupin

The vacuum connection should be pointing straight up, more or less.

Mine was tipped 90* forward. Fastest solution is to rotate the wires in the rotor cap each one position over and turn the distributor to compensate.

Unfortunately, I tried to remove the distributor drive gear to reorient it, but broke the mounting flange and created much bigger problems for myself (currently broken engine) so I would suggest the rotor cap route if yours is approx. 90* out (either where the vac line points more or less toward the front of the car and fouls the dipstick, or towards the firewall, which I gather from the above is your situation...?).

Good luck!

AJ Mail

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