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MG MGA - Distributor question

Sirs , I have a 62 mga mk11 with, I believe, the original distributor. I have located a possible replacement identified as 45D model .Can I use this distributor and if so are any modifications required ?
abg mchugh

Bob, there are a lot of distributors that will fit, but most will not have the proper advance curve to get the best performance from your engine. I'd think you best bet would be to contact Jeff at Advanced Distributors and see what he recommends.
He's a great guy and really can rebuild your distributor to be like new with the correct curve to get the best performance from your car. Well worth the price, which is very reasonable.
Bill Young

Bob, I echo Bill's comments regarding Jeff. I fooled around with several replacement distributors for my 1960 MGA 1600 and none worked as they should. I sent my original distributor to Jeff, gave him the spec's on my car and told him how I use it. From there he rebuilt my unit and sent it back to me properly set up for my car. It's been in for two years now and I've never looked back !!!

Michael Hosier

I'll stand up for that as well.

Jeff does a fantastic job. We don't do our own distributors because I believe we wouldn't do enough per year to be as precise as a guy who does them all the time. Its paid off sending them all to Jeff and more often then not, the cars come out stronger and better. I cannot claim to the mileage because we do not see them long term or many miles but can tell you that a good running engine is one that is more reliable and efficient in which case mileage should effectively go in the right direction.

Jeff has the correct springs, shafts, bushings and installation equipment, knows the curves for any combo you can throw at him and backs his work up.

BMC Brian McCullough

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