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MG MGA - DIY Quick shift / short shifter?

I have fitted a Type 9 Sierra 5 speed gearbox conversion, and was wondering if anyone out there knows of a do-it-yourself quick shift kit or instructions on how to modify the existing lever?

It's just that I'm a bit tight, and what with the whole credit crunch / recession, it seems like a significantly cheaper option.


Grant :-)
G Hudson

Grant, you can find a couple of photos of the 'normal' and 'quick' shifters for the MGA/Sierra gearbox on this page (

If I remember correctly, the difference is mainly in the size of the ball that the lever pivots on. The quick shifter uses a slightly smaller ball which puts the fulcrum point a bit higher up. That requires the part of the lever below the ball to be a bit longer, which means it moves farther in relation to the amount of movement of the upper part of the lever. Hope that helps.
Andy Bounsall


many thanks for that. I'll give it a go.


Grant :-)
G Hudson

Hi guys,

I did a bit of cross-posting on the B-technical forum (sorry for being a splitter), but I got this a resonse, which looks pretty easy anquick to do.....


Grant :-)
G Hudson

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