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MG MGA - DM2 and DM2.P4 Lucas distributors

What are the differences between a Lucas DM2 and a DM2.P4 distributor? What parts aren't common? Is one better than the other? Are there markings on the distributor that tell you what model you have?
The diagrams in the workshop manual are exploded to different levels making the differences unclear (for me atleast).
Mike Ellsmore (1)

Hi Mike, The numbers are marked on the side of the distributor “DM2” is hard to read though
According to this site (thanks to Steve Gyles), most DM2s are of the P4 ( I only see a couple that aren’t marked “P4”)

According to this site DM2 have an “older” and “newer” version.

Just a guess here, but perhaps the P4 version is the newer version? (one screw holding down the points)


B Suelzle

I mentioned it to Bob West this afternoon. He did not claim to know the precise differences, but said it is all internal, giving a different advance curve. So that would mean different advance weights and springs I guess.

Steve Gyles

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