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MG MGA - DM2 distributor service again

I didn't realize that there was a good rebuild service available (Jeff,) as recommended in my previous thread, certainly an option. Moss sells a "new" 25D distributor (pricey), and Scarborough Faire offers a rebuilt DM2, about half the Moss price for a rebuilt. Does anyone have experience with these?

Thanks, George
George G.
A Bowie

There's John Twist...

I'm not sure what John gets...I know he's a real nice guy and knows his him and get a price.

I think Advanced distributors gets $120 plus shipping to rebuild your good core.

I always went there because the price was good and I was able to put the original part back to work.

I think if you compare new prices on distributors they climb higher than $250

Or go direct to the source and get a new 25D with side cap. As original or with electronic points..

Less than 120 US, especially with the post- Brexit GBP exchange rates!
dominic clancy

Some of the Chinese versions are quite good. I got one from Bob West about 7 years ago for 50 ($65), although its looks etc resemble the 45D rather than the DM2. Possibly more by good luck than anything else the advance profile was spot on. I put my Flamethrower electronic ignition in it from my previous unit and it has been faultless ever since (kiss of death).

Steve Gyles

Here is a picture of Jeff's work. I'm thinking it might be original to the car,it's dated 4 59,car was built in June.Back in the day when my wife's MGB was just a few years old the distributor mounted electronics failed. Since the A was in pieces this distributor kept the B going until a replacement was found.

gary starr

Here is one more

gary starr

Nice work.
Steve Gyles

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