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MG MGA - Does ignition coil affect exhaust note?

I removed the new, recently self destructed ignition coil from my car and replaced it with the 14 year old Sport coil that I had previously been using. The car runs fine with the old coil, but something I wasn't expecting...The exhaust note sounds different. With the old coil back in the car it seems to have a mellower, less harsh sound. Is this possible or am I just imagining it?
Andy Bounsall


Try checking your timing. Changing ignition parts will often alter the timing.

jjb Backman


Interesting. I have just changed from a cheap coil to a sports coil (40,000v). I am convinced that the exhaust note has dropped from soprano to tenor! The car seems to be performing better too, now that I have got nagging Nora out of the exhaust.

Steve Gyles

I don't know what type of coil your old one was, but with the Lucas sport coil at 40,000 V (assuming that is what you have) you could likely have a stronger spark and more complete combustion, changing the exhaust note.


Ralph, The coil I removed was a new Lucas Sport coil that fell apart after 4 weeks of use. The one that I put back in is a 14(ish) year old Lucas Sport coil. Both are supposed to be 40,000 volt units.
Andy Bounsall

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