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MG MGA - Don't look it may hurt your eyes

1959 MG MGA Custom Hotrod? Saw this on ebay.

CM Harter

May I be allowed to say YUCK! Cheers - Dave
DW DuBois


Barry Gannon

The fuel gauge is original!
Graeme Williams

I really like it and as it was a front end damaged Coupe nothing really lost. I would love to turn up at the Silverstone MG Live event in the car.
John Bray

John, you and I were always on the same wavelength I think it has its place as well. Mark
Mark Dollimore

I hope whoever did that burns in hell for it.

D Rawlins

Fake wood laminex dash ... mmmmm.

M Magilton

I like it - but then I like HP!
Mike Ellsmore

As with John, I like it. When you consider the alternative was its likely destruction/breaking up it keeps another vehicle on the road. Who said every vehicle has to be retained in its original form. Cecil Kimber started it all off by modifying a Morris to make it an MG. Modifications have always been in MG's genes.

Steve Gyles

I find this quite interesting, most of the USA guys don't like the car which is strange as the USA in my view is the home of Hot-Rods. Those from Australia (with the exception of Mike) are against it but the UK chaps seem to like the car.

As MGA's and other 'Classic cars' continue to increase in value there are less people prepared to take an individual approach to modification. But if you look at the world of air cooled Porches with people like Singer and Outlaw there Hotrod style cars are now being sold at a premium above those restored to factory specification unless they are a very rare model.
John Bray

This subject was aired thoroughly on the USA site, and as I said there, I LIKE IT. I'll join Mike in this, and would definitely have it in my garage. I always say that if you can save any parts of a car from crushing (such as my Honda S2000 engined MGA roadster that could have ended up in the local rubbish tip), then another classic has been saved. I'd love to cruise around our big annual hot rod/cruisin car festival here on the Gold Coast in this car!
Gary Lock

I'm in the USA and I love it! But then, I love my TC also!

Gene Gillam

Now that TC really rocks Gene!

What have you got under the hood in that?

Colyn Firth has a TC/TD 1250 XPAG block bored out .080 over, roller cam, billet crank, Arias pistons, J&E connecting rods and the Eaton blower. Not particularly fast but loud and fun.
Gene Gillam

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