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I have converted my car to negative earth and so have cancelled my subscription to the Positive Earth Society (although I may still buy the magazine Positive Earth World). All seems to be successful so three cheers to Barney once again for his helpful web site. As a matter of interest what would happen if the re-polarizing of the generator didn't work ?

Phil Parmenter
P Parmenter

Not much. In most cases the generator will repolarize itself immediately as soon as you start the engine due to the field input voltage from the regulator. Otherwise it will most likely just have no output. The only way it could charge backward would be if the internal field wires were swapped to change polarity of the field coils.

The problem is that if the field coils were polarized the wrong way the initial low voltage output could be the wrong way. That might lead to the control box cut-out relay not connecting the generator to the battery, so it would have no power output, and the ignition light stays on.
Barney Gaylord

This thread was discussed on 24/04/2008

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