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MG MGA - Don't you just hate red MGAs!

My poor old BRG A is getting an inferiority complex with all these red cars. (Some of the MGCC Victoria MGAs on a run down the Mornington Peninsular recently).

Mike Ellsmore (1)


Who owns the Twin Cam?

M F Anderson

I guess they are all just sunburnt like any typical Brit?!!
Mine is white which is the more normal pallor during winter in the Northern Hemisphere!!

Would be interesting to know how many of the cars started in red?

Neil Purves

Mine was red when new, then someone changed it about 20 years ago - now it's two-tone.

I occasionally think about changing it back, until I see images like the one above - who needs *another* red MGA?!

Nice picture though.
Richard Ross

Mine is currently rust but is under going a ground up. When I got the certificate from British Heritage it was delivered Red with Black. As it's a very early car (141) built Oct '55, I've been feeling it should be kept original. What's a guy to do?

GD Glenn

I must admit that originally I really wanted a red or white one (they are people magnets at shows) - now that I have seen so many red and white ones I am glad that I found my black one - just a little bit different even if it does show every finger mark - cheers Cam
Cam Cunningham

My favorite comment:

"Of all the red MGAs made, 140% of them are still on the road!"
MGA Larry

Mine is the original red, repainted twice my myself over the last 30 years. It's getting to be a bit orange in the sun, though. I still haven't rubbed all of it off yet, so it will stay that way awhile! My barn find will be BRG "someday". Russ

Russ Carnes

Mine 59 coupe was originally red. Someone decided to paint it silver and I think it is gorgeous!

P.R. Fahey

That is not a Twin Cam but a 1600 MkII Deluxe with an 1800 engine - nice car isn't it - recently restored.
Details on our web site under Cars & Owners - Mk11 section
Mike Ellsmore (1)

Also check out the link on Deluxe car description page - it will bring up a pdf of the restoration. When you get to the end of this document you will see why David cannot keep the grin off his face.
Mike Ellsmore (1)

The colour in Australia is known as "resale red".
I Hazeldine

"Resale Red"- it is a common color for many cars. If a dealer can't sell it, he will paint it red. It will then sell.
My cars are supposed to be black, white, and I don't know the other two. I will get certificates before painting, so I will know whether to go original or not.

mike parker

Mine was white in 1958, red when I bought it in 1970. Mostly primer now. With two other white cars in my garage, I think I'll go for BRG or some other unoriginal color like dark blue or bright yellow!

k v morton

It has got to be RED! It can't get any better.

BM Gannon

BRG rules!

Mike Ellsmore (1)

Originally OEW but daughter said, No Dad it's my car it has to be red. She was right.
David Holmes

oops... that's not her driving it. (one of the rare days when I got to it first.)

David Holmes

Go faster red is nice but BRG is clasically beautiful.
Truth is all MGA's look great.
Enjoying driving my car in this glorious weather. Very sad to see the devistating bush fires in Victoria.
Best wishes to all.
Go well go MGA.
F Watson

Mised the picture. (First timer).

F Watson

Currently, mine is BRG. If I was going to take part in the Mille Miglia I would paint it red as the Italians at a distance would think it was one of theirs and ensure it got a speedy passage through towns etc.

However, I think silver brings the car's lines out beautifully and I could well go that route. The attached picture was posted by Steve Simmons some few years ago.


Steve Gyles


I just had to weigh in and do a pitch for blue on this color subject..Dennis

Dennis Suski

Itīs the same around here. You can just spot our green MGB in the background.



Originally red and proud of it. I never saw any BRG A's around in the early sixties. Mostly white or red. My first in 62 was white.

T Holden

My first MGA - BRG (hard to tell in black & white photo).
Taken 1962 Nairobi (Kenya).
Wish I had it now if just for the hard top.
Go well

F Watson

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