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MG MGA - Door rubbers/carpets

Does anyone know of a supplier of good quality door rubbers and carpets here in the UK? I know there is somebody in the U.S. who can supply good door rubbers but when I last ordered stuff from there (from Advanced distributors) I had to pay quite a hefty customs duty which made it all a bit expensive, so a UK supplier would be preferable.

Many thanks,
Phil Parmenter
P Parmenter

Hi Phil, this is the only place I know who supply the correct door rubbers, it is in states and I got caught for customs when I put them on SFO

regards Gordon
g c pugh


Many years ago I got my door seals from Vintage Supplies. just been looking at their stock list and they do not appear to have the large selection that they once held. This is the link to their door seal page, item 769 any use?


PS. Link does not seem to work. Look under Upholstery and Trimming - Seals in their classic Car parts:
Steve Gyles

Looks like the same old stuff Moss & co. supply Steve. I ended up getting mine from Todd Clarke after failing to find it over here, and as you say Phil, customs really sting you as well as Royal Mail with their 'handling charge'. I found that with the seal from Moss fitted, the doors had to be slammed hard to get them to latch, the proper seal is a real 'must' if you want them to shut with a nice 'clunk'.
Lindsay Sampford

Looks like its Todd Clarke for the door rubbers then - any ideas on carpets?

P Parmenter

Phil and others in your comments on Customs and other charges, don't you have any exemptions for parts for classic cars etc? In Oz, if the labels that are attached to the imported goods parcels say "for classic cars more than 30 years of age". then generally, we don't pay anything, only GST (VAT) on values over A$1000.00. Even good old Australia Post don't charge any handling fees.
I know that we pay a premium for postage for the distance from UK/USA, but it looks as if we do OK (don't tell the Aussie Govt. about this, or it will be their next source of revenue!)
Gary Lock

There are three separate charges for importing goods into the UK from non EU countries:-

1. Customs Duty - this varies for different categories but is around 5% for car stuff. In any case it is not charged unless the total value of the parcel exceeds 135.

2. VAT is the big one at 17.5% but this is probably fair because the supplier in the country of origin should deduct VAT or its equivalent from your invoice. It seems unfair to us for goods imported from North America because their VAT (sales tax)rate is usually a lot less than ours. VAT is payable here on everything unless it is food, books,children's clothes (but not car items!), even on secondhand purchases. It is paid on the goods value, plus postage, plus duty if charged! If the total value does not exceed 18 the VAT is waived.

3. The Royal Mail (or Courier) handling fee. If Customs want to inspect the contents they first get Royal Mail to unpack and later repack and they charge for this as well as for collecting the charges from you. To me it seems that this fee is a bit of a rip-off for what they do.

There is always the possibility of the supplier underestimating the value of the goods and leaving out the invoice from the package and it will probably work if the total value is not high but if the package is seen by a keen and suspecting Customs man he will 'seize' (an official term) the goods and sit on them and wait for you to show evidence of value. They will then take an absolute age before actioning your parcel and I get the impression that they do this deliberately to teach you a lesson! Customs don't seem to be accountable to anybody.

Suppliers of MGA bits in the US tend to describe the contents on the Customs declaration form as 'Antique car parts' and I thought the word 'Antique' might attract unwelcome attention in Customs so for subsequent orders I have asked for 'Antique' to be replaced with 'Old'. Ever since I've not paid any Customs charges!............................Mike
m.j. moore

A few years ago I got some MGA door seals from Bob West. My project is still ongoing, and they haven't been fitted yet, so I can't comment on whether they are ok or not, but they were the single blade rubber type with furlex.Hope this helps.
D Jacobs

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