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MG MGA - door seals -- excellent

I just thought I'd share my experience. I am finishing up a 1960 MGA Tourer. I initially had purchased fur flex door seals as sold by Moss as 'correct' for an MGA. Long story -- I had got some left over from an earlier project from a Moss reseller, had to scrounge clips and additional rubber elsewhere to make up enough to install. I had spoke with Todd Clarke seeking clips and he told me I would have trouble installing the seals I had, and I should install the seals he would sell me for a few coppers as they were easier to install, fit better, etc. Yeah right, I thought, he just wants to make a sale, etc., etc.

I spent large portions of two days trying to install the seals I had. They came unassembled, you had to fit the rubber to the the furry steel channel, and insert the clips. (Sounds easy, just try it!) This was one of the most frustrating experiences of my life. I think I said my sunday school lesson backwards twice.

I finally in frustration called Todd and purchased his seals, all the while thinking I was probably only throwing good money after bad.

The Todd Clarke seals installed in maybe 10-15 minutes per door, and fit perfectly! They came pre-assembled, and have a different steel channel from the seals I first had. Todd's seals are an amazing product, fit as promised, and are much, much, much easier to install.
John Greenlee

I had the same experience with the UK Moss seals. I couldn't shut the doors with them fitted! I bought Todd's seals a couple of years ago, they were well worth it, even with the shipping, customs and Royal Mail's "handling charge" added on! Doors shut with a nice gentle "clunk".
Lindsay Sampford

Does this mean that Todd has found a new extruded rubber supplier? The last I talked to Todd (it's been a couple of years) His supply of rubber was almost exhausted and he was trying to find a new extruder. He didn't have any coupe sets left and only a few for the roadster. I bought a set for my coupe from someone (on this board I think) who had a black set but wanted a diffent color.
G T Foster

Todd sold me these about a week ago.

John Greenlee

Ditto on Todd Clarke's product. If he says it will fit it will. My roadster doors stay closed for the first time after installation. The fit was perfect.
Keith Lowman

Just installed Todd's on my roadster as well - very nice and easy to do with a bit of persuading in the corners, but a great result. I have never tried any others, so I guess I chose well.

AJ Mail

I had the Todd Clarke seals, which were a better fit than the Moss ones, but not very robust. After my shunt, the recovery company damaged (shredded) the drivers door seal and pushed in the rad grille, and while I was ordering a new grille from Bob West he said that the Moss ones are rubbish, but the ones he has and fits are correct and fit perfectly. They cost 1/10th of those Todd supplies. So I have ordered them from Bob and will fit them when I get back from Beaulieu next week.
dominic clancy

Dominic, that "recovery company" sounds more like a wrecking crew! I hope they are paying for the damage they ADDED to your car.
Lindsay Sampford

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