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MG MGA - DOT 5 silocon recycle?

Hey all, I have put a some extra DOT 5 through the hydraulic system than required in the process of bleeding the brake/clutch system. Everything is brand new. Can I reuse the fluid once it has been through the system? Tom
Thomas McNamara

If it is clean, why not?
Art Pearse

I raised this issue of reuse of DOT 5 some time ago and it seemed that judging by the responses the general consensus was no. I was left a little puzzled since silicone seemingly does not age or absorb water to any significant degree and as long as there is no entrapped air it should function perfectly well. I accept however there's a need for a more in depth response than this that perhaps someone can provide.
J H Cole

I agree with Art, so long as it is clean and not contaminated why not?
N McGurk

Hey all, not being a chemist, won't any "trapped" air eventually float to the surface of its container? I think I'll reuse it. Tom
Thomas McNamara

I have been recycling mine for 14 years. That's not to say I have not had brake issues during that time, but nothing I can attribute to the fluid as the clutch has always been faultless. My problems have been with poorly made MCs - long since resolved.

I strain the used stuff through muslin and let it stand for a few days. However, I do keep it in a separate container to the virgin oil and use the new oil in preference, providing I have enough for the task in hand. The older oil I tend to use for lubricating new parts, i.e. during seal replacement.

Steve Gyles

I do the same as Steve G. but I use a paper coffee filter and keep the old separate from the new. You can go through a lot of fluid doing a system bleed and I see no point in throwing it out.
Steven B

I have been recycling it for years too. Just don't reuse it fir a few weeks to ensure that the bubbles all drift out and any particles sink to the bottom of the bottle. I see no sense in throwing away something that is supposed to be "inert"as one of it's main USPs.
dominic clancy

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