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MG MGA - Drag racing MGA

I TR3 friend of mine sent me a slide show of old drag racing shots. One had an MGA.

M Gannon

There it is lurking in the background. Didn't see it at first for that powerful Volvo and TR3 at the starging line.
Bill Young

Check the Renault Dauphene in the back ground. Our neighbor had one, we would take the spare tire and everything out of the front and do wheelies. Would not go fast, no steering with the front wheels off the ground, couldn't even see where we were going! Our Guardian Angles wore track shoes!
Russ Carnes

The first (and only) drag trophy I ever won was in my 56 MGA. Raced at the local airport using airport transfers sevenoaks. The trophy run was in T Stock against a 49 Plymouth I think. My buddies with their big Detroit V8's were jealous. I was the only one to bring home any "iron" that day!

G T Foster

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