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MG MGA - Drilled front discs

I love the look of drilled front discs I gather they are good for cooling and enhance stopping power.

Can drilled or slotted discs be bought to fit the MGA set up. It would seem that the B ones fit but only with B Calipers and back plates.

Is there any reason why I can not just drill the A discs.?

David swaine


EBC do some slotted and dimpled discs, but they are over 200 a pair, as A discs only fit the A.

If you can find a good machinist, they can cross-drill a standard set - would recommend water cutting as it won't put as much heat into the disc, which could cause it to warp.

Occasionally the MGOC do some drilled discs, but as a limited run.

An alternative could be to run with EBC "Greenstuff" pads. Not cheap for the A, but cheaper than the 200 discs.

I just went for bigger callipers (4-pot) and standard discs.

Good luck,

Grant :-)
G Hudson

I read somewhere that you should only use discs that have the holes cast into them, not drilled. Drilling them can cause early metal fatigue and cracking. I'm not an engineer so would welcome advice on this one. Like Grant, I am using green stuff on a standard disc. For my standard road work, the braking is more than adequate and I am also happy with the set-up. By the way, the Green Stuff pads totally cured my brake squeal and was the reason I converted to them - on advice from this forum.

Steve Gyles

David, I ran some home drilled discs on my car for several years. My findings were, 1. not much reduction in heat without some cooling ductwork to add air to blow through the holes. 2. increased pad wear, even with the holes chamfered well, 3. noticed the start of tiny cracks around some of the holes after a few years. The thought of a disc breaking apart under hard breaking wasn't pleasant so I replaced them with some solid Brembo rotors and have been quite happy with the results. Braking power and cooling don't seem to have changed much if any. For a street driven car without any cooling ductwork for the brakes and not inspected closely like most racecars I'd suggest staying with good quality standard solid rotors.
B Young

An affectation for the street.

You can also buy slip-on fake 4 pot caliper covers that fit on your stock MG calipers. Equally silly.
Bill Spohn

I find cross drilled rotors are an enticement for young gearheads to spend money to impress themselves.
One on many examples:
A young man got his parents old Avalon. Now the Avalon is not in any way much of a "sporting" vehicle.
He went straight to the Internet and bought new $$$ cross drilled rotors and "special" pads. The parts he replaced had seen many years of faithful service. Less than a year later the pads were shot and the rotors worn below minimum resurface specs.
Not really worth the money.
Brembo makes quality brake rotors. Worldpac lists stock rotors for a 2001 Honda Civic EX coupe at $35.12 my cost or FD00006 Cross drilled at $194.87.
an option that at 6 times the price appeals to the "Boy Racers" that are trying to impress each other.
Buy stock rotors put quality pads on and enjoy.
R J Brown

Thaks for all your comments boys I have comp pads in and the brakes are fine. You stopped me from waisting money for what is in fact vanity. I suppose a survo is the way to go if the wife were to drive the car.

David swaine


A servo makes a good differnce, but letting the wife drive the car - risky! ;-)

Have fun,

Grant :-)
G Hudson

David, I have a nearly new, used servo if you want one. I had it on my car but had to remove it when I fitted a heater (it was fitted on the heater shelf). I couldn't be bothered to find another place for it to go, and it did make the drums on my 1500 a bit fierce at low speed anyway.
Lindsay Sampford


Sorry that I haven't got back to you sooner but I am in retail and have been a bit busy. But due to the royal wedding using wedding cars sevenoaks and the mutaniy of my staff I had had to close to day. Thank for offering the servo I htink I would probably like it but like you I have a few extras + a S/charger in the engine bay so I will have to do a bit of homework to see if I can fit it in. I am just about to delve into the BBS web site as there is bount to be alot on the subject. If I can't find the info I may even start a new thread. Can you Email (for safty) your phone no or email ad so I can contact you .

David swaine


I have mounted my servo inside the off-side (driver's) front wing, behind the splash plate in the wheel arch.

It required a modification of the standard servo mounting bracket and some fittings to let me pass the hoses and pipes through the wings in a tidy fashion, but it keeps the engine bay fairly uncluttered, so it should be ok with your cluttered engine bay - not that I am at all jealous of your supercharger! ;-)

Have fun,

Grant :-)
G Hudson


Is your wife watching the royal wedding like mine ?

I have just visited Barny Gaylords site and have found information with this arrangment. Also one under the dash but that must need very long pipework as its on the left and the master cylinder is on the right. Th under wing arangment neat and Looks within my mechanical abilites. so if lyndsey comes back to me I will do this next winter.

David swaine

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