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MG MGA - Drive it Day on Sunday (UK)

Following on from Vin's comment on the brakes thread, this seems to be a well kept secret in many parts.

Here we have four runs from local towns (Carlisle, Penrith, Kendal and West Cumbria) all converging on Keswick for lunch. It's organised by the local motor club, but there is no public information. I have a small group going from my place to the local start, none of whom were aware of the event previously. I notice this is not on the above website.

Is this the same nationally? How many of you (UK guys) are going on your local run?

Generally it's free and no pre-booking is necessary, but there are many private and single mark events planned to coincide with the day too.
Neil McGurk

Another 4 events I cannot attend. Looks like I will also miss out on Silverstone Live in early June.

Likewise, I knew nothing about them. The only run I am involved with on Sunday is watching my daughter compete in the London Marathon.

Steve Gyles

Just about all the classic car clubs down here in the south are doing something for DID. I'm going with Solent MGOC from Wickham to the Watercress Line. Just get out there and show everybody your interest in old cars or the government might have us off the road if its thought there's not many about. There should be plenty of classics out there to wave at. If its not on the road, the idea is to wheel out your pride and joy onto your drive for all to see.
Have a good Drive It Day! There should be a pic of my lady on Hayling Beach on a previous DID.
Pete Tipping

This uploading is not quite so straight forward sometimes!!! Here it is this time - its a pic I like anyway.

Pete Tipping

Hi Pete
Great photo, I couldnt quite read the notice on the luggage rack, was it "Running in please pass" "Running out, please pass", "Running away, please pass"? or was it a Leonard Perrin type message -"Gone swimming, wont be back, please look after the MGA ( sorry for leaving all my clothes on the beach!!"
Colyn Firth

Pete/Colyn, How can you call that a "beach"? Isn't the "sand" a bit coarse?
Great pic Pete -- enjoy the run and, hopefully, the sun!
Barry Gannon

My favorite beach... KU (Kansas University Jayhawk) belongs to a friend and goes for a walkabout from time to time. She has yet to figure out the culprit.


jjb Backman

You don't have to go on an organised run although as Pete remarks virtually all clubs are doing something. The idea is to be out and about in an old car even if you are only going shopping. If you can't get out then park your car on your drive where it can be seen.

I will be on the Manchester Historic Vehicle Club run.

Malcolm Asquith

Hi more old wrecks clogging up the roads lol

g c pugh

It said "Running In Please Pass". You don't see it nowadays on any modern euroboxes. But that's what you would always see on anything with a new or rebuilt engine back when the A's were still being built.

You're just spoilt mate - we have to rough it here! Actually when the tide's out...

British and best!
Pete Tipping

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