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MG MGA - Drum brake adjusters

Was wondering if anybody has experience with the ratchet adjusters available from British Parts Northwest; if they are any good, if it's a good company to deal with?

At $7.92 each, they are considerably cheaper than the ones from Moss ($23.95).

I was kind of shocked when I first saw how much Moss gets for theirs, and then after I'd started to get used to the idea of paying that much for them, I stumbled upon the other source, which is cheaper by more than enough to raise all sorts of red flags. So I thought I would toss it out to the group.

Del Rawlins

I've dealt with them a few times and its always been good. Dennis
Dennis Suski

I've used them for some engine parts in the past, was very good place to deal with. Marvin
Marvin Stuart

Dealt with BPNW over many years, though not a lot, because I forget about them. Kick myself every time I think about them after I order elsewhere. Never a problem with them.

When I was in a state of shock at a price of $100 for a set of rear brake shoes for a TD, and asked why so much, the answer from a large & well known supplier was "Because we can".

FR Millmore

Went ahead and ordered a full set of 6 adjusters and a few other items from them. The shipping charge was excessive considering the small amount of stuff, but it was still a huge savings and I can toss the original parts in a box for some later date when new ones might not be available and refurb may be more worthwhile. They also had a set of black poly leaf spring pads for the rear so I won't have to use the ugly red ones Moss supplied.
Del Rawlins

I just wanted to express a big thumbs up for BPN so far... When I placed my order, their website came up with a shipping charge of over 30 bucks. I left a note for them in the comment box, that if they sent my stuff in a USPS flat rate box, it would save me some money. Friday I got two emails from them; one showing that the cost of shipping has been adjusted down to $8.15, and another that it has shipped.

They didn't have to do that; I chose to confirm the order on their website at the higher rate, and they took the time to edit my order to reflect the actual cost of shipping.

Contrast that with what Moss did a few years ago... I ordered parts, and the only option their site would give me was UPS air. I placed the order online (figuring less chance of a part number mixup that way), then called them up and requested USPS priority mail. They were more than happy to comply, only they still charged me the higher rate, and then pocketed the $30 or so difference themselves.

Assuming the parts from BPN are of decent quality, I know who will be my first choice supplier from now on.
Del Rawlins

Received my parts yesterday afternoon. Ordered them on 4/12, received them on 4/16. Can't do much better than that. The brake adjusters seem to be a quality item and they fit fine in the original masks. They appear to be an improved part... Note the large flat at the end of the adjustment range, that will prevent them from dropping back to zero adjustment if they are tightened too far.

Del Rawlins

Looks like they have substantially greater adjustment, which will help with worn drums and thinner modern lining, but might make the adjustments coarser.

FR Millmore

That's what I thought too at first glance, but they appear to top out at roughly the same height, maybe just a little higher. The curve is different in order to make room for the flat, which gives the appearance of greater height. I can try to measure any difference when I have time to get back into the shop in a couple of days.

I also bought a set of the brake shoe hold down springs from them; what Moss calls an anti-rattle spring. They appear to be the same exact part that is shown in the note on the Moss site, and will require the same trimming that they recommend for easier fitting.
Del Rawlins

One other thing I forget to mention that was kind of amusing... They actually threw a couple of small candy bars in with the parts in the package.
Del Rawlins

I put a couple of them in one of the original masks, and at full adjustment they were actually a few thou shorter than the original adjuster that I measured. But not by enough to make a noticeable difference either way.
Del Rawlins

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