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MG MGA - Dynalite Alternator

Has anyone used the Dynalite alternator to replace a dynamo on a Twin Cam? I'm interested to get a better charging capability, especially at low rpm, yet retain the look of near originality by crafty routing of wiring and retaining the regulator (but disconnected internally).
The C40 model would seem to be the same dimensions and look of the old dynamo. Costly but possibly a neat solution?
Anyone got any experience of fitting one?
B Mayo

Several Twin Cam owners have fitted an alternator and retained the appearance of the original dynamo. I have not done it.
These owners are members of the Twin Cam Group. Group membership is restricted to Twin Cam and Deluxe owners. There are approximately 300 Twin Cam owners in the Group.

Membership application is at:

Your question to Group members would get the reply you require.

Mick Anderson

Hi I've had one on my coupe for 2 years, had no problems at all. Highly recommended except the cost. I would have put one on my twin cam that I am restoring if they were less money. Dynalite - are you listening!

Terry Drinkwater

Thanks guys.
Terry, was that a C40 model you used, and is it the same model for my Twin Cam as any other MGA engine?
B Mayo

Hi Bruce
It looks the same as a the twin cam one, you'll have to modify a twink pulley to fit

Terry Drinkwater

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