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MG MGA - Dynamat heat/sound insulation

I'm just about to put the body back on the frame of my 60 Coupe restoration. I've purchased a bulk pack of Dynamat Extreme to cover most of the interior sufaces, namely the firewall and heater shelf, roof, rear bulkhead, battery cover, transmission tunnel and floors. Does anyone have any experience installing Dynamat and did it work. Are there any other areas that should be covered. Any tips on installation.

Thanks Andy
Andy Preston

I am about ready to do the same for my Healey. I understand it is great stuff. I would also recommend that you do something on the inside of the roof, inside the doors and along the rear kick panel behind the seat. When I did my coupe I didn't do the roof and wished I had. Have a good day!

John Progess

I used it extensively on my Alfa Romeo GTV6. Stuff works great to mute the sound. Makes doors etc. sound like a Mercedes (in a good way). The car didn't have a heat problem, so can't comment there. Easy to apply but once it's on, it sticks well. I'm very pleased with it and will use it again. I would certainly use it in a coupe unless racing and wieght were a concern.

GD Glenn

I am currently Dynamatting my E-type and the only downside I would see is that the oral diagnosis of engine problems while driving will be more difficult!! :-)
It may also not give you the same heated seat effect when the exhaust warms up!!

I am all for the comfort on my E-Type so will dynamat it. When I get around to rebuilding the MGA I think I will leave it off as part of the charm is in the sound.

Neil Purves

Neil, I'm guessing that you meant "aural" rather than "oral".
Andy Bounsall

John (or anyone else), how much dynamat did you need for your coupe

Also regarding material, can someone tell me how many meters/yards of carpet are required for a coupe?

Thanks, Mark
M Wellard

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