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MG MGA - Dynamat vs Dynaliner

Time to add something to my coupe floorboards and transmission tunnel for noise and heat abatement. I know that some of you guys have used Dynamat. The website suggests that the Dynamat liner is for sound dampening only, and that to get a thermal barrier, you should add Dynaliner over the Dynamat. It also suggests that Dynaliner provides both thermal and acoustic isolation. Any comments from those familiar with these products?

Thanks, George
(getting closer to a running car)
G Goeppner

I used a bubble wrap type with foil on both sides. Available from Home Depot and inexpensive. I have a roadster and it works fine.

George when I restored my coupe I did the same research and ended up using dynamat on the floor, firewall, tunnel, doors, battery cover, and rear bulkhead. I used the double sided foil with a bubble center on the roof. I used additional sound deadening foil with jute attached on the trans tunnel in addition to the dynamat.

I also installed an aluminum shield over the exhaust pipe as well.

The coupe is quiet and never gets hot. This stuff works.


Andy Preston

George here's a photo of the exhaust heat shield made from 6" wide aluminum sheet. this really cuts out the heat from the exhaust.

Andy Preston

Some discussions on other forums suggest that Dynamat has an odor to it (butyl?) Has anybody experienced this...Andy??
G Goeppner

George I have dynamat all ove my car and have no odor at all. There wasn't any smell when it was installed either. It's self adhesive on the back so there's no smell from any adhesive.

Andy Preston

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