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MG MGA - Dzus fasteners

The Dzus fastener used on the battery cover lid has a part number A5-35. Has anyone tried to obtain the same fastener that has a D clip attached?..this would be the same as used on the MGB GT boot board. I have tried just about everyone around the world (at least from Googling), but they all have no knowledge of the original number of A5-35. Has this been replaced with another part number? It would be great to get a matching fastener with the D clip (no messing around with screwdrivers in the dark). If anyone has a part number, and contact, please let me know...most USA companies don't want to know you if ordering small quantities.
Gary Lock

Gary, My 1983 Rover SE 3500 (hatchback) has similar fasteners in the boot floor to an MGB GT. Rovers are being scrapped in large numbers these days (I am waiting for mine to die after nearly 20 years of faithful service) and may be a possible source.
Barry Bahnisch

The original Dzus fasteners kits (4 pieces) are available from Clarke Spares in the US (at least they were about 18 months ago when I purchased mine) Part No F36 in his catalogue.
Mike Ellsmore (1)

Here is a site that specializes in fasteners
WMR Bill

Barry, is your Rover a manual transmission car? If so they are a bit sought after in California for engine conversions, not just for MG's.
Russ Carnes

Thanks so far. I know that Todd Clarke has the standard ones listed, but what I am trying to do is find someone that knows if the A5-35 is made with a ring on top. I can't even find that old Dzus code listed with any of the Dzus agents. Will keep looking.
WMR Bill..dfis. didn't help at all.
Gary Lock


I found these guys in the UK. They do the dzus fasteners with the ring on, as per the battery cover.

Hope this is useful,

Grant :-)

or these:

G Hudson

Russ, Automatic unfortunately! Many Rover engines have found their way into MGB's, especially here in South Australia. No great performers but very pleasant to drive, smooth and excellent torque, etc. A (internationally-known) friend who runs a very successful mg spares/workshop here in Adelaide (where many conversions have been carried out) maintains that this little aluminium V8 is the "best engine ever put in a car" and I am inclined to agree! When the engine comes out of an automatic Rover, Toyota Supra gearboxes are generally used. He has special bell-housings cast.
Barry Bahnisch

As a point of interest I have wanted to change the dzus fasteners on my battery cover for some time because they are so mangled over the years of use that it is difficult to get a screwdriver to grip. Has anyone any ideas about how to get the old ones out without wrecking the battery cover ? Presumably the new ones can be pressed in after a night in the freezer ?

I have the opposite problem they fall out as soon as undone would like to fit a retaining ring for them.
S P Rossetto

I cut mine off with a hacksaw. No other way.
C.T. Irwin

Hi Gary
if you are still searching for these dzus fittings, try under the motorcyle guys, they use them to hold on faring and bits.

R W McIntosh

SPR :- That is the problem I am trying to avoid. Perhaps some DPO just ripped them out and left you with the problem.
Tyler :- Thanks for this . I thought that might be necessary. You've obviously been through the problem.
Any further advice on getting the new ones in ?


I got my original spec dzus hardware from KMA Express. They might be able to help you - 888-255-5100 or fax 888-255-5022. They re located in Orlando, Florida.

Randy Myers
Randy Myers

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