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MG MGA - E10 fuel issues?

It looks like E10 is rapidly becoming the fuel standard. Most of our local gas stations now sell only E10. From what I've read it has a very short storage life..about 3 months. Beware if you put your car up for the winter. Anyone have facts about the compatability of E10 with our MGA fuel systems? Pump diaphram, rubber seal, etc compatability?

G T Foster

Facts? No. 10% Ethanol has been here in the Chicago area for years. I store my car in from mid November to the beginning of April with no problems.

You could add Stabil or Marine grade Stabil if you are worried.

As far as compatability, few of us are running original (never rebuilt) fuel pumps and carbs. I would think that there are many different rebuild kits and if one had a problem, it may not be indicative of others.
Chuck Schaefer

I understand that part of the short storage life is that the ethylene will disassociate from the gasoline, which will happen with any ethanol/gasoline blend. I don't know whether this will be a problem once you start driving, as I believe that it will again mix.
Mike Parker

If I remember correctly, back in the 70's flammable gases such as butane or propane were blended into gasoline. These products did have a storage problem. I wonder if this is still in practice?

J.T. Watson

If you don't want to use one of the fuel stabilizer products (PRI-G is another good one, and supposed to be better than STA-BIL), you could always fill the car with 100LL avgas before parking it. Avgas is formulated to last for years without going bad, and the tetra-ethyl lead won't do your valve seats any harm, either.

Del Rawlins

There is another product which recently came out to address ethynol in fuels. It is made by Starbrite.

A relative who is in the small engine business gave me some to try. They swear by it and they have had lots of trouble with ethanol and small engines in storage.

It prevents phase seperation and will keep fuel stabil for up to a year. (So they say) I am not selling the product...just passinng the info on. I did put it in my MG this fall.

D Gates

I have a similar experience to Chuck's as this fuel has been around my part of Illinois for a long time. I favor Sea Foam over Stabil as I have had some problems with deposits in my snow blower carb when sitting with Stabil in the tank. None for far with Sea Foam.
Keith Lowman

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