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As a first time owner of an MGA let me say what fun my first 500 miles has been in my Mk1 fitted with a five speed box and 1622 engine.

Early days and ongoing work is in place to the interior but the car is a revelation. So, so different from the Y types and TA that I have owned.

The engine is being run in and I will be changing the oil, filter etc and torquing down the head.

I plan to take the car to Peter Burgess in Alfreton to get everything set up on his rolling road. However, I would be interested to establish when this should be done?

Immediately after its 500 mile service or some time later?

Much as I miss my TA and still enjoy my YT this is a completely different experience!

Look forward to any thoughts and observations.

All the best

Jerry Birkbeck


Jerry - I think you are in for many more years of great fun in your A! The MGA, on the road, has the feel of a modern car. I go back and forth between 4 cars on a regular basis - our 1962 MGA MKII, a 2003 6 speed Acura RSX-Type S, a 2005 6-speed Acura TL, and a 2008 6-speed Corvette Z-51 coupe. I love driving them all and each has a different set of pros/cons, but on a sunny day, top down, 2-lane road, the MGA brings the biggest smiles!

Even going back to the late 60's, when I had a '67 Corvette roadster and this same '62 MGA, I had trouble deciding which to drive on a given day (the MGA usually won).


- Ken
Ken Doris

Jerry, You had me intrigued with your heading - "Early Fun In An MGA" - I wondered what revelations were to follow!!!
Barry Gannon

I concur with your sentiments I switched from a 1947 TC to the MGA some 4 years ago I have the MK 2 Coupe with 1622 engine and ford 5 speed -We use the MGA a lot some 3-4000 miles per annum and it is always a joy to use it.
I have just had my car on Aldons Rolling Road ( a day organised by the MGA Register of the MG car Club)and was pleased to be told that the set up was OK my car showed 87 BHP and 107 lb ft of Torque.
P D Camp


Welcome to the board. I transferred from an MGTC to the MGA in 1997. The greatest improvement from the wife's point of view was that the MGA had a heater!

Steve Gyles

Thanks Chaps good to hear from some of you former TC owners. My wife, who did love the TA, was pleased when I bought a YT as it was easy to get into! The MGA is a bit of a challenge with the hood up. Hood Up!? - Sorry soft top for you guys over the pond. I would normally have the top down but have just fished the topout of all the spares that came with the car and I was aware that they are a bit of a bugger to erect. Moreover, still have to fit the interior door panels and the side screens which are the aluminium type (Mk 2).

Barry you were intrigued by the title - well who knows but at my age unlikely (for those of you who can recall the MG Safety Fast ad in the 70's - You can do it in an MG ).

Yes Steve, the heater is a boon, though my wife has only shared about 10 miles in the car. Providing the weather is half decent we will drive down to the Forest of Dean in her as we set out to organise the 2012 Y Type Spring Run.

I would say just as the TA and YT attract a lot of attention the 'A' is very favourably received.

Lovely car - just a few jobs to finish off - hope to bring her along to the next MGA event wherever that may be.

All the best


If you are looking for MGA events, then assuming it continues at the same venue, the MGA day at Upton House would be very handy for you as I see you are in Warwickshire!
Enjoy the car!

Graham M V

The title of your post caused me to reminisce about my wife and I dating in my 56 roadster during the 60's. Even took it to the drive-in on a couple of occasions. Anything more than kissing proved to be quite challenging! Thanks for the memory!
G T Foster

Didnt you use the bonnet?
Too much fun!
Mark Thompson

Kept a sleeping bag in the boot for "emergencies"...>;)~
G T Foster

From my Air Force days I know of a colleague who kept a bed of straw in the back of his Mini Van!

Steve Gyles

Presumably so that he could 'bale out'?

I can go one better than that Steve.
In the late 60's I owned a mini van and the only way to travel was with a mattress in the back. Straw how uncomfortable.

I think the mattress was still in there when I sold it for 43 10s (old money guys!) in 1970. When queried by the new owner about the speedo being somewht erratic he didn't take kindly when I commented that it was the only mini van that went from 0-60 in 3 seconds! He didn't make amy reference to the superior trim in the rear of the van - though he might have done had it been straw!

Actually I an MGA coupe but I was young fit and athletic then as was the young lady... enough said!


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