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MG MGA - Early MGB Engine Colour

I have just purchased an MGB 3 bearing engine as the basis for a future rebuild for my MGA 1500.

The colour of the block and head is a lightish blue. I presume this colour was never used by the factory? If the factory never used it does anyone know which rebuilder used this colour?

P M Dean

It could be any engine machine shop. When they hot tank the block and head for cleaning, before and after machining, it removes all the paint. Everything inside can be oiled, but the outside is sometimes painted with something cheap to keep it from going rusty until you can get it assembled and properly painted. The "something cheap" I have seen is often blue, but I have no idea why they chose the particular color.
Barney Gaylord

I saw a thread recently where someone said their early B had a blue engine and believed it to be original.
Dave O'Neill2

The MGC came from the factory with the engine painted green.
Some say it had a bit of blue in it, but I would call it green.
Would some MGB engines also have been given a green/blue engine?
MG did have a habit of using things that came readily to hand when there was a shortage of the correct item.

M F Anderson

A few weeks ago I bought some parts from someone.When I picked them up at his home he showed me his 1967 MGB GT he was restoring.The engine was light blue.
H. Jorens

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