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MG MGA - Easy Brake & Clutch Bleed

I have heard so many people complain about what a pain it is to bleed the hydraulic systems in a MGA that I decided to try a different method.
I placed a pressure regulator in line with a rubber tipped air nozzle. I turned the air pressure down to about 15psi. Use a large enough tip to seal the master cylinder. I had a helper pressurize the master cylinder while I opened each bleeder for the brakes in succession from closest to furthest from the master RF, LF, RR, LR. Re filling the master between each bleeder valve. I bled the clutch first.
After bleeding the systems in this manner I had a firm brake pedal and a clutch that felt right without any pumping of the pedal. It was so simple and easy.

R J Brown


Good home-made method along the lines of Eeezibleed if, like me, you do not fill the Eezibleed bottle with any fluid.

When I first used Eezibleed I did not read the instructions fully and put the fully inflated tyre pressure (27psi) into the system. Worked ok!!

The only downside of your system (and mine using the empty bottle method) is that if you get out of synchronisation with the regular removal of the MC cap/seal to top up you can have a 'messy' accident. I still had pressure applied when I removed the MC cap and blasted fluid all over the engine bay! Fortunately I was using silicon fluid.


Steve Gyles

Good idea. Was there any problem with the fluid getting too low during the bleed of one of the components?
I have an EZ Bleed. The first time I tried it on the MGA it worked great. Did the clutch in about 1 minute. The next time I used it on my MGB and using the MC cap they give you, then an old cap and drilling a hole in it and even adding an extra sealing ring, it still leaked around the edge of the cap. I got brake fluid everywhere and now I am paranoid to use it, especially on an MGA where the shelf and bulkhead paint would be ruined. Maybe I could use it without filling the plastic reservoir bottle of the EZ Bleed :>)


I use Silicon fluid and refilled the master between each bleeder so it never got too low. I have a pressure bleeder that you strap on to a master. It feeds brake fluid in under pressure and works great. But it is full of normal fluid not DOT 5.
Here is a picture of the brake bleeder. It holds about 2 gal of fluid. Works great but I wanted DOT 5 in the MGAs.

R J Brown

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