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MG MGA - easy genny pully question, I think !

I'm building a generator from a box of parts I got with this car. There is a box of pullys, all the same, steel w/square boss riveted together. However, there are two different sizes, 3 1/8" & 3 5/8" OD, which is correct. Maybe one size is for a earlier or later car, don't know. Anybody have an answer and a guess what the other size fits? TIA Jack
JW Jack

There were four different size pulleys, toe for the standard cars and two more for the Twin Cam. See here:

Smaller pulley (and shorter belt) runs the generator faster for better charging at moderate engine speed.
Barney Gaylord

Once again, thank you Barney. Don't know why the PO had a collection of pulley's, guess he didn't know which was correct (neither did I). Jack
JW Jack

This thread was discussed on 16/05/2013

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