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MG MGA - ebay

I've a few items that I need to dispose of and have tried to go through the ebay selling procedure to find a category for classic car parts but without success. I've not used ebay for a year or so and its seems to have changed for sellers. Apologies if this is a bit obvious but can anyone confirm where the selling 'classic car parts' category has gone to? All I can find is the category 'other'. There is a category for buying classic car parts albeit tucked away.
J H Cole

I think eBay rather controversially removed the Classic Car Parts category a couple of years ago.

There were quite a few objections which were of course ignored. It was naturally claimed to be an improvement.

Malcolm Asquith


They got rid of the Classic Car category a while ago much to our dismay.

One way to find a decent category is to do a search for a similar item to what your are selling and take a note of the sub headings. eg. a pair of air filters for the MGA is listed under: Vehicle Parts & Accessories > Car Parts > Air Intake & Fuel Delivery > Air Filters

An MGA grill is listed under: Vehicle Parts & Accessories > Car Parts > External & Body Parts > Grills/Air Intakes


PS. Anything of interest you are selling?
Steve Gyles

Thanks for responses, its like ebay doesn't like us anymore -I did think of asking ebay for advice but can no longer find the 'contact ebay section'

Steve, like a lot of owners I had a part doner car many years ago for the rebuild and have lots of bits and pieces left over in the garage loft space. A lot of it has gone now especially the 'desirable bits'. Sorry but obscure list is too long to schedule -surely you don't need anything for your lovely car?
J H Cole


Always looking for interesting bits to play around with. Good luck with your sales.

Steve Gyles

Ebay told me it was done for our benefit and to make our search easier.. What planet are they on .

John, looking for the 4 stay brackets that go from the bottom of the dash to the bulkhead, got any?

Thanks Roy
R Mcknight

sorry Roy, just had a look and no stays.
J H Cole

I don't understand eBay either. They bought the Dutch website 'Marktplaats' some years ago and on Marktplaats the Oldtimer / Classic car parts is an active category as you can see from the statistics below taken from the Marktplaats site today ('onderdelen' is 'parts' in Dutch).

Volkswagen-onderdelen 33.015
BMW-onderdelen 22.722
Mercedes-Benz-onderdelen 19.001
Opel-onderdelen 15.670
Audi-onderdelen 11.481
Oldtimer-onderdelen 10.460 <---------
Renault-onderdelen 9.319
Ford-onderdelen 9.038
Peugeot-onderdelen 8.332
Volvo-onderdelen 6.947
Fiat-onderdelen 6.015
CitroŽn-onderdelen 5.933
Toyota-onderdelen 5.716
Honda-onderdelen 5.581
Willem vd Veer


I'm looking for a 4:1 Diff

Regards...John Bray
J Bray

Sorry JB no diff, but why do you want a 4.1 as fitted to the Mk2's? These are very rare and I fitted the more obtainable MGB 3.9 diff that gives gives better ratio's.
A 1622cc has no problem with 3.9.
J H Cole

Hi John

I still have an original MGA close ratio gearbox in my car and the gearing is a little to tall for my preference with the 3:9 diff, especially pulling away uphill in 1st gear.

So I would like to try a 4:1

J Bray


I would question if it's a good time for a car parts seller on Ebay this month. A lot of people away on holidays etc. May be worth waiting til September?

Steve Gyles

It's hard to get a good price for MG parts on ebay. When I started selling in 2001 I could do pretty well. At that time there about 100 MG parts listing. Now there's over 3000

Lyle Jacobson

Hi John, forgot to ask, looking for spare wheel clamp assembly. Thanks Roy
R Mcknight

RM, sold the one I had a while ago - it may be worth noting that of the two variants the longer clamp converts relatively easily to the shorter one.
J H Cole

John (or anyone), I'm looking for the spring clip that holds the trunk lid prop rod in place when not in use.
Art Pearse


Cannot help with the rear prop clip other than note that the Moss version (457-475) is only $7 USD and appears to be a good replica.

John Backman


For Art Pearce -there's a boot lid stay clip on UK ebay at present.
J H Cole

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