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MG MGA - Ebay Removal of Classic Car Parts

For those of you who use Ebay to buy parts for our classics, you will be pleased to know that Ebay, in their infinite wisdom, have now removed all categories to do with Classic Car parts.
This is a link for a heated discussion group and there is also a poll here

I have used ebay to buy and sell hundreds of classic car parts, and cannot believe they have done this, with no good reason given!

Colin Parkinson

I just tried a saved link to them and it worked.


Larry, please just spend some time reading the threads. It might make some sense then.

If I list a gearbox for example for an MGA it just goes into Gearboxes, not Classic cars, MGA. And the searches are inconsistant!

Colin Parkinson

Dear Colin,
Please accept my apologies.
I didn't mean to upset you.

I did wonder when I now select 'classic car parts' I get sent to 'other car parts' so one can't any longer scroll down the classic car part listings. By inserting MGA into 'other car parts' you do get the MGA listings but its not so specific and seems to miss items at times and include irrelevant stuff. It seems that the majority of changes ebay make to there site are to the detriment of its use.
J H Cole

Larry, no worries it takes alot to upset me!!! Probably my fault for not explaining it properly.

There are some comments on MGB and midget sites which might explain the dissatisfaction.

If ebay do not go back to the old system it will become apparent to all using ebay what a mess it is.

Colin Parkinson

Glad it wasn't just me that was totally appalled by this ill thought out decision. Well I voted and so far it's 99% in favour of bringing it back.
N McGurk

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