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MG MGA - Electric power steering

Has anyone experenced the new electric power steering now being offer here in the uk.

David swaine

We've had it here in the US since the 1950s, David. I'm sure that it will take hold in the UK once people try it, at least in larger cars. See if you can get a test ride.

Ken Korey

The MGF has had electric power assisted steering (EPAS) for many years.
A bit more complicated than it sounds with a sensor and an electronic control unit (ECU).
Calibration is a fairly technical requirement.

See image.


M F Anderson

OK you guys, David means the unit that has been developed for the MGA by a Dutch or German company. Sells for around GBP1200. Can't put my finger on a reference at the moment, but it has been out for 12 months or so...think MG Owners Club sell it?
Gary Lock

This is the supplier:

Steve Gyles

Thanks Steve

Thats the one I had heard about

I have sent a request for details and a quote but I can not make out if they do a DIY kit. it looks like the kit is for dealers and the quote will come through recomending me to a fitting centre. which in the long run may not be such a bad idea. Let some one else pioneer/develop sort out the product.

I would still like to here if anyone out there has one fitted and what they think. Or maybe MGA drivers are too macho to admit to power steering

David swaine


I sat in their modified MGA at the Stoneleigh MG show in February 2010. At that time they said they would prefer to do the installation themselves as it was early days with the MGA modification kit. They would need the car for a couple of days. I am sure that with a suitable set of instructions that they were in the process of writing that by now (15 months on) you could do it yourself.

Steve Gyles

Thanks Steve

Would still like to here from anyone who has tried (driven) a car with the conversion

David swaine

You chaps must be getting soft! Power steering on an MGA, one of the best "road-holding" cars of all time! Leave them alone, I say (and I am 73)!
Barry Bahnisch

I contacted them recently about my MGB V8. They were not keen on anybody else fitting the system and they are based in Dawlish South Devon.

It takes one and a half days for them to fit and they suggested I came down for a long weekend. That would make it a very expensive proposition.

Fitted price 1399 plus hotels and fuel.
G Derham


Please use the singular. It's one thing sitting in a demo car. It is another thing ordering!

I agree with you though, power steering is a step too far. I am all for modifying MGs as that has always been part of the ethos from the very early days - after all, that is what Kimber did to produce his first MG. But....., power steering no, not for me. In fact I made mine deliberately heavier with a smaller steering wheel. It gives you a wonderful conversation with the wheels.

Steve Gyles

""one of the best "road-holding" cars of all time""
LOL what planet are you on Barry? the car is good but sadly not that good :)
Robert (Bob) Midget Turbo

Would apear no one has had the conversion reads this bulitin board.

I would still like to know if any one has had it done.

If we get on to handeling issues I would say that I have always been disapointed with mine I hate the way the back wheels break away suddenly. I would like to get mine to drift and understeer in a controled way. With this in mind I have added a roll bar and have fitted stiffer front springs which keeps the front in control but still not happy with the rear.

I am considering a rear anti roll bar. I tried Koni shocks and my teeth fillings fell out so I went back to std dampers.

David swaine

OK - I'll bite - the MGOC have a couple of cars fitted up that you can take out for a test drive.

Would I fit it - hmmmmm - probably not - however much my arms and shoulders ached after trying to drive an A in an Autotest ...! It's not my car anyway :)

However, it's probably worth going and trying a test drive before making any decision, and a longish one at that. Good luck - it's a shame to have a car that you're not enjoying driving - so - it's your car - do what you will with it to have fun.


What tyre pressures do you run?

The MGA has a weight distribution of 52%/48%, giving a bit over 500lbs at each rear wheel. relatively light when compared to the likes of the MGB, Healey; although similar to the TR3.

I could well imagine the back end becoming a bit 'skippy' with high tyre pressures.

Steve Gyles

Before this electric steering thread gets too far off topic (which it would do in a hurry), I'm starting another thread "One of the best road-holding cars of all time". I hereby invite the spirited driving enthusiasts over there for such deviations.
Barney Gaylord

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