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MG MGA - Electric Power Steering--Fuel Injection etc.

Good Day from sunny Australia.
There is interest and questions are on this cite , about" add-ons" to our MG A's.
Near the end of the second page of the North American MG A Cite ---
Under the heading "Purists Do Not Read This"-- AND well over a thousand enthusiasts have read the thread-- the list of alterations made to our car, is all set out there.
I am happy to communicate "directly answering particular questions",
about how all of this work was done, over a number of years.
The subjects are rather detailed and technical and far too large to cover
here in 3 lines.
Items like- Fuel injection, electric power steering, air conditioning, 5 speed gearbox swaps, vacc. brake boosters, etc.,
engineer's drawings have been prepared for a number of these items.
I am happy to offer help to specific questions.
Ian Cowen.
IAME [ret.]
I.W. Cowen.,3400394
I B Morris

I have seen your post on the MGA Forum (USA) and I was impressed by the list of mods you have done to your car.

I think that the main reason that I have not modified my car as much as you have is down to my not having anywhere near as much engineering ability as you.

What I will say is that the main result of all the performance upgrades I have managed to carry out on my car has been to make driving my MGA even more enjoyable than it was before.

And IMHO, its not so easy to argue against that!

Keep up the good work.



Colyn Firth

Ian is a good friend, but I worry what he's going to do next, as he's rapidly running out of possible "alterations"....perhaps self leveling suspension, adjustable from inside the car, 4 wheel discs, rain sensor wipers etc.etc...I know he'll give it a go!
Gary Lock

And the best ( or scary) part about it Gary is that he will succeed! I call him "Legend"!
I B Morris

A note for Willy Revit,
Down on the Apple Isle.
Willy, would you care to e-mail me, about your EPS ?
Ian Cowen.
I.W. Cowen.

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