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MG MGA - Electrical

Couple of questions -
I can't locate the turn signal relay in my box of parts, but I have the flasher unit. are both required? (1961 1600 Mk 1, LHD)
Is there a spare available for the seal on the plunger of the turn signal switch (that creates a pneumatic delay for cancelling)?
Art Pearse

Relay, aka "8 legged box" is not required on 1600, as they have separate lamps for rear turn indicators,
I believe Barney has detailed all the tricks for the switch.

FR Millmore

There is no TS relay on the 1600 model.
TS switch repair here:
Barney Gaylord

Thanks. I don't have the leather cup, so I guess I'll have to make one.
Art Pearse

Anybody else made a new leather washer for the unit? Besides Rob Carleen's account on Barney's site.
Art Pearse

Try soakinmg the leather cup washer in clean engine oil for a week or two gently kneading it every other day . I did this and my switch return time is quite consistent now. .........Mike
m.j. moore

I have no washer to start with Mike - did you make yours from scratch?
Art Pearse

Sorry Art - I missed a bit! Have a look at this site for making your own washers. They also sell a kit.

m.j. moore

Thanks Mike. Just what I needed for the method.
Art Pearse

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