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MG MGA - Electronic Distributor

I purchased on of these Pentronix distributors and the instlation instructions say to put one wire on the coil and the other wire to the ignition. My question is that do they mean by ignition the wire that is hot when the key is on that goes to the other side of the coil and do I just put this wire on that side of the coil in addition to the one that is there.
GK George

If it's like the pertronix ignition modules, one wire is similar to the original points wire and goes on the "downstream" side of the coil, meaning the side that would normally go to the points. The other wire is used to bring 12-volt power into the ignition module, so it needs to connect to the white wire from the ignition switch. In the MGA with non-ballasted ignition, the white wire is also on the coil, opposite side from the points wire. So for the Pertronics ignition module, and I presume also for the Electronic distributor, both wires can go on the coil on two different terminals.

I have the Pertronics Ignitor instructions for both positive and negative earth installations here:

I would appreciate a scanned copy of your Pertronics electronic distributor instructions to post as well.
Barney Gaylord

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