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MG MGA - Electronic tach benchtop test

I am in the process of attempting a repair of an MGB tach to use with my 1800 in my MGA. I have received the electronic components from Mouser, and am ready to roll up my sleeves and dive in. My problem? The MG's in winter storage, and I want to bench test the tach to see if it's 'alive' when I'm done. I remember reading an article once about connecting power to the tach, and simply driving it with a charging pulse from a battery charger. The 60 hz pulse train comes from the full wave rectified charging output. I'm not worried about calibration at this point, only 'go - no go' testing. Does anyone have a favorite simple bench test for tachs?


rpb bunch

Just hook two wire to the tack and find another car you have to hook it up to. Find the hot side of the coil that goes to the distributer hook your red wire to that and ground the other.Start the engine and watch your tack come to life. Good luck

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