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MG MGA - embarassed again

Hi all , a quick trip round the block took 3 hrs and ended up on the back of a tow truck,all the neighbours laughing "again" lol, suspect fuel although no dirt to speak of in filters , carbs etc so I wonder if it is the pump although this is only 12 months old and of the solid state type bout it has always been very noisy and going at a rate of knots even when running

yours fed up gordon
g c pugh


I think it is more likely that your engine is struggling to cope with the weight of all those tools in the boot.

Seriously though, which pump are you using? My Facet, for example, has a return circuit for excess fuel delivery. It ticks away fast all the time. This is quite normal.

Steve Gyles

hi Steve, not sure on the make but I thought a facet was something the americans had in their kitchens could be why it's ticking all the time lol.

mine sounds like a machine gun going mad

g c pugh

hi steve this will make you laugh, trying to fix the car by the side of the road is when you realise how useless the toolkit is lol

g c pugh

Are you getting plenty of fuel to the carbs? If the float bowls are full, the car would start and it's probably not a fuel problem. It needs to be driven more often. Why don't you pop up to the Lakes? I'll sort it out for you.


Neil McGurk

Hi Neil, thanks for your kind offer but I don't think it would make the first 5 miles lol, yes fuel was at the carbs but when I took the tops off the chambers without the needles in place the fuel was coming through in uneven spurts

g c pugh

I had a similar problem and it turned out to be a pipe blockage inside the fuel tank.

I never did find the cause of contamination, but suspect a previous owner of the (second-hand) tank had sand-blasted it without sealing the apertures.

J Bray

Hi John I put a new tank in last year, the steel pipe that runs under the car is old and the braided pipes at the carbs are old I 'm wondering if they might be breaking up inside or collapsing

g c pugh

If you took the two pistons and chambers with the needles off and the fuel was coming up in spurts then you have a different problem. You may have sunken floats-dirt in valves or stuck float valves.Fuel should never spurt up from there.Never-never.You could have bad fuel lines and they are breaking down internally . which lets the float valve get stuck open.
Sandy Sanders

Gordon It sounds to me that you took off the tops to the float chambers and found fuel. Pumps do spurt, spurt, spurt when opened as you describe. Sounds as if you have fuel where you need it and the pump is OK. That leaves spark to check.
R J Brown


Maybe you have a similar problem I once had (for many weeks). What I found was after a sharp turn the car would run badly then finally conk out. What was happening was the fuel bowls were swivelling around the base of the carb body. What I found was the grommets at the fuel bowl/carb connection were dead and as the bowls swivelled it would cover the fuel supply hole. Hence on fuel no motion. I would then open the bonnet and wiggle the bowls to where they should be and we could carry on. I have since replaced the grommets and had not had further trouble like it since. It maybe worth investigating.

DJ Lake

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