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MG MGA - Engin bay color

Hey good folks, it appears that the engine bay in my red 1960 body is black. Is this correct or was the car once black?
Thomas McNamara

The engine bay should be the some color as the body. With a 1600 the only way that you are likely to find the original color short of getting a Heritage Certificate is to remove one of the tail light plaths, and, hopefully, find the original color under it.
David Werblow


The engine bay should be body colour except for the vertical firewall panel at the back of the engine.

Steve Gyles

Thomas, if you look under the dash you should be able to see the origianl color unless the car has had a total body off restoration. Engine bay should be the same as body color except for firewall panel which is seperate panel painted black.


Andrew Preston

Say, Andrew, -- MGB fan blade with the notches?
Barney Gaylord

Hey Andrew, thanks for the pix, it is to be my model, if I ever get that far. Regards and HAPPY NEW YEAR! Tom
Thomas McNamara

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