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MG MGA - Engine and Gearbox...questions

I've read the engine and gearbox removal thread. Most people responding say they do the engine separate. I've always done them together. How do you get the engine out and back in? How do you remove the bolts from the gear box to the engine? How do you align the input shaft on the gear box to the engine?
I'm really curious.
G T Foster

Either way you do have to get under the car for a few things. To remove them separately, there are a few engine/trans bolts that you need to get to from below. Most can be reached from above.

The use of an engine leveler (~25-30 bucks at Harbor Freight on sale) on reinstallation is a great way to get the engine at the same angle as the trans. Then it is rotate (rock, shake or ???) one or the other or both to get the splines to align. From there it is the reverse process.

Sorry for what appears to be an over-simplification. But is really is that simple.

Chuck Schaefer

For removal, I remove the top bolts attaching the engine to the gearbox(the top ones are hard to get out when the engine is raised). Then I lift the engine until the gearbox hits the firewall and put blocks or a jack under the front of the gearbox. Then remove the remaining bolts joining the engine and gearbox. Then slide the engine forward til it clears the input shaft and lift it out.

On re-installation, you can visually align the splines so that they are close. It usually goes right in and if not, then a little rocking side to side does it for me. If you have removed the clutch you need to make sure it is centered with a centering tool or spare input shaft. When you lift the engine, adjust your lift point so the engine hangs at about the same angle as the blocked up gearbox.

I have never had a problem removing and re-installing it this way.
Jeff Schultz

The two important facts have been covered, centralising the clutch plate first and then having the gearbox and engine on the same angle.
But just a hint, especially if you are under the car. The best way to ensure that the engine and geabox are at the same angle is to check that the gap between the gearbox and the rear engine plate is constant around the full 360 degrees.

M F Anderson

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