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MG MGA - Engine Bay details

I removed the front valence (vertical piece below the bulkhead) from the engine bay to paint it and clean up the nuts and bolts as part of my restoration. Oddly, I cannot find any exploded diagram that shows this panel piece or the proper layout of the clips for the fuel and brake lines. Does anyone have information on where I could view this?

Also, I noticed that the steering rack is made of brass and I would like to detail that without painting it with the chassis black. Is it recommended to remove the steering rack for this purpose?

Steve Lofaro

Stephen Lofaro

Hey Steve, look up Todd Clarke and get one of his detailed books. ($20.00)? He has several drawings of the bulkhead and pipe layouts there on. Regards, Tom
Thomas McNamara

Steve, fuel pipe routes over the top shelf, middle of the "car plate"
Brake and clutch I've seen in Clausager both ways. I have them on the vertical panel, near the top. Others have routed them over the flat panel.
Art Pearse

Steve, I can get you a pic of mine, but it may not be entirely Kosher. I just finished the pipes.
Art Pearse

See larger picture at middle of page here:
Click for larger picture. I believe the detail here is very good and very original with correct pipe bends and all of the proper fasteners.
Barney Gaylord

The clutch pipe to m/c is a real pig. The area around the wiper terminals is crowded so mine runs high and skips the first clip. But nice if you can do it as per pic.
Art Pearse

For your pipes to be Kosher, the ends will have to be nipped off (LOL).
P. Tilbury

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