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MG MGA - Engine Block Casting Date

Probably making a fool of myself but is it well known that the 1500 block appears to have a casting date on it?

I am presently cleaning up my redundant block and spotted the tag that was presumably changed daily during block casting. It is located on the front right hand side just above the sump lip and behind the engine bearer mounting lug. Mine says 15.8.8 which I presume is 15 August 1958. This would tie in with my car production date of 27 August 1958. photo attached.


Steve Gyles

Don't know anything about that Steve,don't remember seeing it on my 1600 but on the oil pan rail there was a date code stamped into it
gary starr

Here is a picture of the rubbing I took,car was built in 1st week of June. Unfortunately I don't remember where on the rail it was. Can't explain my hand writing of 5 29 59 either when it says 5 22. This was done in '95,the last time the engine was out. Another thing that is strange is the format, here in the States we use say 5 22 59 where as you wouldn't you use 22 5 59 ?

gary starr

This thread was discussed on 22/10/2014

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